Marc Chagall: Colours of Love exhibition

From 6 June to 4 September, the Croatian House of Culture in Sušak, in cooperation with Rebel Kolektiv, will open its doors at the Kortil Gallery for an exhibition of graphic art by the most poetic herald of modernity, Marc Chagall.

The art-loving public of Rijeka will become familiar with all the colours of the immanence of Chagall's love through a retrospective view of the artist's most successful graphic art. The art exhibited in Rijeka, which is in the possession of various European art collectors, spans a period from the early 1920s to the mid-1980s and allows curious culture vultures to immerse themselves in the artist's eternal servitude to love in all its shapes, languages and forms through a series of lithographs, chalcographs, woodcuts, drawings and memorabilia. The combination of the artist’s curious life course and passionate creativity juxtaposed between love and revolutions, libertine Paris and October-era Russia moulds the image of a lonely visionary, a citizen of the world, of simultaneous naïveté and bold bewilderment into a personification of a perennially charming universal stranger. Deeply religious and genuinely patriotic, his work probably constitutes the loudest cry of the modern age for tolerance and respect for others. Plunging into the deep, forbidden, unspoken and intangible, torturous and painful for some, and doing so poetically, with gratitude, through the eyes of a child and with the heart of a lover, truthfully penetrating and persistent, yet always in colour – that is Chagall.