Summer on Gradina

Summer on Gradina, which will be held for the 14th year running, is a well-known cultural, art and entertainment event that brings Trsat Castle to life.

Every year from July to September, Trsat Castle hosts an array of performers - performance artists, musicians, dancers, artists and scientists. With each subsequent year, visitors can enjoy one-of-a-kind concept events, concert performances, dramatic plays and educational content that attract an increasing number of visitors year after year. A few days after the opening ceremony, you will have the chance to see Marathon's 11, followed by the fashion festival City 45 20 and the plays Ćiro, Written Off and What Do You Mean, I'm Not here?!. Trsat Castle will also host a string of musicians, such as Marko Tolja, Vanna, Nikolina Tomljanović, Keops, Klapa Šufit and the Branimir Gazdik Quartet. Then there are the concept event Gradina Light Transformation, Gradina Dance Art by the Ri Dance Association and concert performances by the Sutton Youth Concert Orchestra and the Sutton Youth Concert Band in late July. Summer on Gradina offers plenty of entertainment programmes and features until the end of the summer.