Incredibly Blue - North Adriatic, exhibition on Korzo

Ten years ago, an attractive exhibition of the Friends of the Sea project started visiting squares and waterfronts on the Croatian Adriatic coast.

During the summer of 2019, over a million of visitors in ten Croatian destinations throughout Istria and Primorje will see the exhibition. Association Livingstone Rijeka and the company Astoria created the national cultural - tourist campaign Friends of the Sea in 2009. Every year, the goal of exhibiting the large-format photographs outdoors throughout the summer months is to draw the attention of the Croatian public and all the visitors to the role of photography in the media culture and the social responsibility and constant value of promoting life on the Adriatic. After the trilogy with themes of underwater world, sea surface and Mediterranean essays, historical series from the beginning of the century and the 50's and 60's, the tenth year of exhibition takes us to the northern Adriatic. Incredibly blue is the name of an attractive set of photos by Marino Brzac and Danijel Frka, experienced underwater photographers who have won a number of national and international championships, coming in among the top ten underwater world photographers.