Weekend Fest

A new festival, named Weekend Fest is afoot in October at Pogon Kulture in Rijeka.
The ethnic/world music bands Kries and Kazan are scheduled to perform on the first day on Friday, 18 October at 9 pm. Cracking open the evening is the world music band Kazan from Zagreb, which provides their own unique renditions of traditional Balkan music. In the process, they attempt to give their material a new sheen and infuse old songs with a new sound that reflects the aesthetic of each band member, as well as their openness to different genres. On the second day, on Saturday, 19 October at 10 pm, you can expect utter pandemonium as a couple of legends, Alen Vitasović and Kuzma & Shaka Zulu from Split deliver their performances. The call of Istria and Dalmatia beckoning you from the heart of Rijeka. Tickets are available at the Dallas Music Shop Rijeka at HRK 70.00 (per concert) before 17 October and at HRK 80.00 on the day of the concert, if any remain.