Impulse Festival- CANCELLED

For the seventh year running, the Impulse Festival, the one-of-a-kind boutique club festival in Rijeka, will connect various locations in the city with the aim of promoting quality music and urban culture.
This year's Impulse Festival will be held from 30 March to 5 April and will feature a sublime line-up consisting of performers such as Irena Žilić, Russian Circles and Torche (USA), Stonebride from Zagreb, All the Suns from Berlin, Buč Kesidi and many others. Tickets are available for purchase at the Dallas Music Shop in Rijeka or the Entrio online store. The events taking place during the festival through various media platforms (concerts, films, exhibitions, panel discussions) are centred on music, which is the backbone and common thread of the festival. This is what inspired the slogan Music is everywhere, which simply communicates and rounds out the festival's programme. The festival will also include the premiere of Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love at Art Kino, which will also host various exhibitions and panel discussions on music.