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Whilst in Rijeka, Trsat is a must-see place – a part of the city situated on a hill above Rijeka that offers a spectacular view of the entire Kvarner.

Mentioned for the first time in 799, Trsat is an ideal place for a walk, for having a coffee and sightseeing. Particularly the Trsat Castle which dates back to the prehistoric times when it was just a watchtower. Its present appearance is the merit of its last owner, Count Laval Nugent, who bought it in the first half of the 19th century, renovating it into a family mausoleum.


Nearby there is the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, one of the oldest in Croatia, that in June 2003 was visited by the Pope John Paul II. In his honour, the monument of The Holy Father –The Pilgrim of Trsat was built in the shrine, the work of the sculptor Ante Jurkić. The Trsat Shrine, according to legend, was founded in 1291 when a small Nazareth house of the Holy Family appeared here, brought by angels… For seven centuries this has been the place frequented by numerous pilgrims from all around the world, however a particularly solemn occasion is on 15 August, during the Feast of the Assumption. The shrine and the Franciscan Monastery are also connected with Rijeka’s city centre with Petar Kružić’s Steps, the construction of which was ordered by the Croatian warlord in 1531, which they were named after. There are a total of 561 steps of an enjoyable walk from the city centre to Trsat.


Be sure to visit the Trsat Park, made in the period between the two World Wars based on the project of the architect Zlatko Prikril and the horticulture expert Josip Kulfanek, known for the indigenous plants and for respecting the natural rocky landscape, as well as the cemetery.


And the last but not the least, the gastronomic offer of Trsat is excellent, so be sure to conclude your walk and sightseeing tour by some delicious food. 



Beside the sights that will take you back to the past, Trsat also has its younger side, in the real sense of the word. This is where Rijeka’s University Campus is situated, slowly gathering a growing number of faculties in one place, thus improving the quality of the student life in Rijeka. This is the place of gathering, acquiring knowledge, making friendships and finding new opportunities. Feel free to come here and walk along its paths, its avenue and take a look at its buildings to feel the breath of the university’s rhythm.


Trsat Castle

Enjoy the view that will leave you breathless, take a look at the permanent museum exhibition and visit the café bar. If you come in the summer, here you can enjoy the evening concerts, theatre performances or outdoor fashion shows.


Chapel of Votive Gifts

An unavoidable part of the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat is the Chapel of Votive Gifts. The richness of this treasury reveals the miraculous powers and gratitude shown by the believers to Our Lady of Trsat. Here you can see the valuable donations of the Habsburg rulers – Leopold’s candlesticks and a two-headed golden eagle studded with gems, the symbol of Rijeka, a gift from Carl V.